domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2010

Lonely Woman in the Snow

The lonely woman in the snow. She's waiting for her love, but she doesn't know him yet. She is feeling his presence around. She only wants a love, a hug. She only wants someone to hold her near, to touch her lips, to look in her eyes, to feel her heart beats. She cries sometimes because the loneliness hurts. Her soul cries and she only wants to be happy with someone by her side. And she never had a love.

The cold winter is freezing her heart, her feelings, her tears. She can't cry anymore, she's just waiting for him because she knows, He's coming.She puts on her boots, her snow jacket, gloves and goes out. Just to greet the winter's envious landscape. Stands up looking at the sky and trying to be strong, to wait for him. The love. Her love.

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